Thursday, June 3, 2010

a night out...

My boys have a fabulous Auntie and Uncle that just so happen to live on a very cool farm. Parker begs to stay overnight down on the farm every time we set foot near it. Tonight, they get to have a sleepover at the farm with Auntie Casey and Uncle Blake. It happens to be my in-laws 45th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow and we are celebrating down at the shack with a BBQ. Romantic, right? But it's what they want. They would go running for the hills-knee replacements and all-if we told them we were throwing them a party! Auntie and Uncle are picking the boys up after work for the sleepover. I work tonight at the Spot on 53 and Bear has a night off. Not sure what he is going to do tonight. Tomorrow morning I am walking with the girls in the National Weight Watcher 5K and then we head down to the shack for lunch. My fabulous sister and brother-in-law offered to even keep them an extra night. Bear and I might actually be able to have a date night! Dinner, movie? Gosh...what to do with no kids.

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