Sunday, June 20, 2010

family reunion

Over Memorial Day weekend we had our real first ever Family Reunion on my mom's side. We always used to travel down to New Ulm right after Christmas to celebrate Grandma's birthday. When she passed away in 2008 it's been harder and harder to make the trip down there. Not that the rest of the family isn't worth making the 7+hour trip for, it's just not the same without Grandma there.
But this year they put together a reunion get together and it was worth it.
There gets to be quite a few people there when we are all together. We all brought a dish to share and by the end of the afternoon the food was gone and we had all visited with each other.
Derek-making a face as always.My cousin Ryan and Kate due in August with their first baby.

It's funny when we get to a gathering like this. We all tend to congregate with our immediate family in the beginning until we warm up to each other again. Then we spread out and 3rd cousins meet each other for the first time and play together. We've all changed over the years but you end up visiting with the cousins who have the kids the same age and compare stories and get to know each other all over again.

Chris, my brother-in-law, brought enough baseball equipment for every person to play ball with! It was so fun. My uncle shut off the electric fence, moved the cows to a different pasture and grabbed the shovel. We played a full 9 innings with players coming and going when they wanted. It was an automatic double if the ball flew in the little river and a timeout in the game to fish it back out of there.

Grandma Audrey playing 3rd base

I had to post this pick of Scott swinging out of his shorts. I love how I captured the ball behind him as he misses. So mean of me, but he rarely misses and I love teasing him. He kept saying his back hurt because he was wearing sandals, not because he was swinging so hard! Right Scott.

My cousins little girl and Emmitt are just months apart. They hit it off wonderfully. It was fun to see these cousins play together all these years later.

Emma Rae just chillin'. She was of course a big helper with my kids, as always.

Hope this becomes an annual event. It was great to make a whole weekend trip out of it. It was fun to catch up with all the relatives. It was nice to see the farmhouse where my mother grew up and hear the memories.

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