Monday, June 7, 2010

the sale of all sales

I blog slacked again because the computer ended up back at the computer doctor. But I am not sure if I would have had time to blog this weekend anyway.
I spent all day yesterday (11 am-9pm) placing hot pink sale stickers on my life. I am having the mother, literally, of all garage sales this weekend. I simply put the ad in the paper to read "done having babies sale" and that was it. We are officially selling all the baby stuff. I had no idea how much stuff it really adds up to! All the stuff you never really needed, but had to buy because of the gimmick. I priced every piece of baby clothing I had. Well almost...I kept a few items from the boys, all different sizes, just my favorites that I absolutely could not part with. I have only accumulated one tote of clothes that I have to keep...but eventually I think I will have one tote for each kid. I wish I had the ambition or skill to make a quilt out of them, but I don't...not right now at least.
The boys were allowed to play with the toys that they will soon part with. They seem okay with letting somebody else play with the toys when we sell them. I just explained how happy they will make a little boy or girl.
I am having a hard time actually putting a price on some things. I have no idea what people are going to pay for a 3 pack of used burp cloths! I hope the sale goes well...if you know anybody who wants to buy baby stuff...send them my way. I'll be the lady on 8th Avenue crying the entire sale, parting with my babies stuff...

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