Monday, December 15, 2008

Watch Me Grow

Watch Me Grow
10 Months

As you can see we got ourselves a big boy haircut. I tried to just trim up around the ears and his bangs and butchered the poor kids hair. So we decided to get him in to Tina. This is the exact age Parker was when he got his first haircut. He was fairly happy yesterday when I took pictures, even though he must feel rotten. Last Wednesday the flu hit Emmitt and I. Friday it hit Parker and last night it got the best of Bear. Now we all just have another head cold.

Emmitt was so calm about the whole throwing up thing...I had been up that night myself and was laying awake at 1 am when I heard him sputtering and gagging in his crib and had Bear go check on him. Of course Emmitt was covered in puke and Bear starts gagging and repeating "oh no, oh no, oh no". He starts throwing up by just changing the bedding! I get Emmitt in the tub and he is smiling at me! Kids are resilient. He was calm as can be and I attempt to clean him up. I'm hanging onto the side of the tub so I don't faint and Bear is throwing up. I think at this point I said "you are such a pansy!". But Bear never did ask me for help changing out the crib, he made it. And Parker? He slept through it all. Bear rocked Emmitt back to sleep and the following morning we felt like we were run over by a mack truck.

Friday night at bedtime I hear Parker running into the bathroom, I go and check on him and he is standing over the toilet. I couldn't believe this kid spared me scrubbing carpets! At 3 years old, he has (sadly) puked enough to know to get to the toilet. So we slept on the pull out couch and he was sick all night.

We managed to feel okay throughout the weekend. Just really weak. Bear and I mustered up the strength to make Lefse all day Saturday, while Tammy had the boys. And Sunday we only left the house for Parker's Sunday School Pageant. He was a sheep and didn't make a peep! The pageant was so cute and Parker had been practicing his Baa, Baa Little Sheep song and knew it by heart...come time to sing it up front at way. He stood there and looked at all the people. But he stayed up there! I was waiting for him to come back and sit with us and not participate at all.

With all the new snow I'll be sure to ski, if it could only warm up a bit now.

I did manage to take the boys' pictures yesterday in their matching sweaters for our Christmas card...I just ordered them last night so let's see how fast Shutterfly can get them to me?! It might be a New Year's card I'll be sending out.

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