Tuesday, December 23, 2008


the night Emmitt and I were throwing up at 1 am, Barrett had to "take care of us"...or try to. In his defense he did take care of us and get the job done, but seriously?! I was up still at 1 am hugging the bowl on and off and heard Emmitt sputtering in the next room. I elbow Bear and say "Emmitt is throwing up, can you go help him?". Bear actually (or doesn't dare) say a word, he methodically gets out of bed to check on him. Not a minute later, I hear: "oh no, oh no, oh no" gag, gag, gag, stomp, stomp, blaaahhhh...he simply smelled the barf that covered Emmitt from head to toe and the crib bedding and could not stomach it...literally. I have called him, in the past, a sympathy barfer because he truly sees, hears or smells somebody else do it and he follows. So he, as nice as he can, asks. no begs me to take Emmitt while he changes the bedding and gets him a new diaper and jammies. "Sure" I say, as I peel myself off the bathroom floor. I do want to help my baby after all. So I run a bath for Emmitt, who through this whole experience is just staring at us both...and even has a smile for me when I am scrubbing barf out of his hair. I am clutching to the side of the tub for support so that I don't pass out and fall in, getting Emmitt dressed and Bear comes in and says he can't find the sheets or blankets or comforter or bumper for the crib. He is still gagging and rummaging through dresser drawers and closest shelves. It took one look from me and a saying that I have said from day one "if you put laundry away more often, maybe you would know where stuff is!" and then I called him a pansy and told him to suck it up and make the crib! I told him where the bedding was and that no we don't have another bumper and full crib set because those things cost money that we don't have! I sort of felt bad, but I was sick and not in the mood for sympathy. He usually shoots back with "well you are always moving stuff around so I can't ever find anything!" but this time he didn't. I think he could tell that was not going to fly. He made the bed and took my advice to layer the blankets just in case Emmitt had another episode, that way we could just peel off the top layer and continue on. He rocked Emmitt until he went back to sleep. He did it, basically on his own, with only a few choice words from his wife.

The next day I stayed home with the boys and had a jammie party, as I layed around and tried to be a mom that was sick. Funny how all you want when you are sick is your own mom, no matter how old you get. Parker ended up sick all night a day later and two days later Bear had it. None of us went upstairs when he was sick and once in awhile I would shout from the bottom of the stairs, "you need anything babe?"...nope. He made it all on his own.

My sister calls "just to tell me a funny story" and it made me laugh. She went to Walmart to make her photo Christmas cards and her kids had a lot of blue on in the pic so she chooses a blue-ish background...gets home and shows them to the family and they say "we aren't Jewish". She had totally chosen a menorah background and then had written "Merry Christmas" at the bottom! That made me feel better immediately!

So a couple of days ago I got an email from Steph that says, "this reminded me of your husband"
I had seen this video before and laughed and I think I laughed even harder seeing it now after the recent events at our house! And he has been known to gag at diaper changes also...

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