Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008 part 2

I won't even begin to complain about all the running and packing and unpacking and hauling boxes and garbage and putting away part of Christmas...because it's a downer and we really did have great moments of Christmas.

Some of the best moments
  • Parker giggling with delight and slapping his knee with excitement as he watched Santa stuff his stocking
  • being speechless as I look at my Grandmother's Nativity set up at my mom's house on Christmas Day
  • Parker being patient enough to open, assemble, and play with the toys before ripping into the next one
  • sleeping in until 8 am on Christmas morning (sure to be one of the last year's we are able to do this)
  • watching It's a Wonderful Life with my husband on Christmas Eve
  • for the wonderful meals we ate with our families
  • for my husband surprising me 2 years in a row with an unexpected gift...this year it was my new mom pendant with Emmitt's Amethyst birthstone

Some of the not-so-best moments

  • Emmitt crapping his pants during church and the diaper bag is in the car
  • Bear and Parker (who was napping) driving around in the car and missing church as a family
  • Papa Don missing Christmas Eve because he hurts too much
  • hurting for both of our mom's, with this being the first Christmas without both of them

We know that this is just the stage we are in in our lives...the stage where you pack up and run around like maniacs with the kids, but it is exhausting.

apparently he thought it was time for Emmitt to get off his new toy and to try it out himself

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