Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

oh, the tree...I still can't believe we went fake this year...it started by me unpacking my work tree to haul and somehow it ended up in our living room-with lights and decorations and presents and all! We say it was all about Emmitt...he is into everything! I couldn't handle all the needles and him eating them and pulling them off the tree.
Parker had a lot of fun trimming the tree. He was excited about his ornament box and putting them all over the tree. I made a point not to rearrange them after he put them up there. My mom used to do that to us and we always picked on her, but I made inner symmetrical side was screaming to organize, but I left it be. Auntie Tammy taught him how to play eye-spy with the ornaments and we had fun just about everyday playing that game. Before long, he had them all memorized and we couldn't stump him.
Emmitt had fun grabbing at the branches, touching the HOT lights-again and again and yanking an ornament or two off and chewing on it. You think he would have figured out after 5 weeks of this tree being a fixture of our living room that he wasn't supposed to touch it!
The boys had fun with all the other decorations in the house too. Although most of them ended up on the armoire and out of reach. He had extra fun with the jingle bells. Still in the "puppy" phase of carrying everything in his mouth.

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