Tuesday, December 23, 2008


He looks so different now, it is actually hard to remember how long that crazy hair was. I was afraid to get it cut, thinking he won't be my crazy-haired Emmitt anymore. But that isn't the case. He still has a "top-curl" and it simply won't lay flat without some effort of applying hair product.

He went from baby to boy in a matter of minutes...he actually did very well getting his haircut. Parker went first, as if to show brother how big boys can sit still. Tina, a friend and stylist, just got a new puppy that happened to come to work with her that day and that was the ticket for distraction! He laughed at that puppy and watched him play with Parker and sat for a decent haircut.

Not looking to thrilled to have a camera shoved in his face, but a cute little boy haircut nonetheless!

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