Monday, December 29, 2008

sledding on Bronco Hill

We made a few of our Christmas traditions happen this year. One, Parker went skating. And Two, we went sledding...first to Kerry Park hill and then we decided to upgrade to Bronco Hill. Emmitt actually went down a few runs and sort of enjoyed himself. After about half an hour he was done. Part of it may have been that he looked like the kid from a Christmas Story who couldn't move his arms. I had crammed way too many layers on him and then proceeded to shove him into a snowsuit.
The boys and mommy and daddy had fun. We got our exercise that day. Well atleast Bear and Papa Milo did. I mainly stood at the top of the hill with a camera and Emmitt. The guys did the hauling up the hill and pushing down. Over and over and over.
Parker smiled from the first time he went down until the moment he left the hill.

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