Monday, December 22, 2008


Davina tagged me for are supposed to take the sixth folder from the pictures file on your computer and pull up the sixth picture and post it.

Here it is...
This is my grandparents 25th Wedding Anniversary picture. I started this post at about 8:30 a.m and am now finally able to write about it. emotional!

So, I got this picture, as one of many, from when I was gathering photos for a scrapbook I was making for my Grandma. She had turned 90, December 27th, 2006. She decided she wanted a celebration for her Birthday the following April. The celebration actually happened on my birthday weekend. She made it very clear she wanted all of her family at the party. So I got to work and sent out a letter to my entire family to get me all of their information, photos, and stories for a Heritage Album. The mail started pouring in and it was an emotional journey for me to complete the album. I dove in head first and loved making the scrapbook for her. My mom smuggled the pics from grandma's house so she knew something was up. I interviewed my grandma over the phone and then used some footage of another interview she gave to a cousin of mine. Her mind was clear and sharp when she retold me stories of her childhood and the journey she had with my grandfather.

This is one of my favorite photos of my grandparents, I remember sitting in my little room making the album and truly being in awe of this picture. It is and still is simply breathtaking.

This post has been so touching to write because Grandma would have been 92 this December 27th...and looking back at all the years my mom bundled us four girls up and made the 8-hour trip south to New Ulm for her birthday are priceless. In the scrapbook I have scattered some of my families favorite memories of grandma and never put my own in here it is, I loved how her house smelled, the many baths I had with her Caress soap and how slippery her water got when I was in it (she had a water softener). How, no matter how old I got, I could play with the farm animal set in the tub and I was never "too old" to do so. I will forever think of Grandma's house when I hear a cricket chirp~which is why I love "The Very Quiet Cricket" by Eric Carle and cried my eyes out the first time I read it to Parker and got to the end of the book...I especially remember when my grandparents came up north for my First Communion and Grandma and I went for a walk around my neighborhood-nothing special happened on that walk, other than we were together, just her and I, hand in hand.

I love that my boys have wonderful relationships with their own truly is something I can't describe.

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