Thursday, January 15, 2009

Watch Me Grow 11

Watch Me Grow 11 Months
I think I need to change this title to Watch Me Walk. It took me many tries to get him to actually stay in the chair long enough for me to take a freakin' picture. Only one more in this series. It is crazy that almost a year has gone by!
He took his first steps at 9 months 3 weeks. Like 2 steps and then the full body dive into your arms. But as this 10 month progressed he got a little more brave each time. In his baby book I wrote down 10 1/2 months in the "started walking" category. Ironically it is the exact age Parker walked at.
"up...not so sure I am going to sit here for ya mom"
"yeah, I am really not going to stay in this chair mom"
"here I come to get you, man this is fun"

Bear was gone for another week to Grand Portage when Emmitt really took off walking. So that Friday night he came in the door and Emmitt went toddling around the corner to him, saying "dad-da" the whole time. We had been working on him saying dad-da the whole week also. I had "trained" him over Thanksgiving to say "ma-ma" so I figured we should work on the other. And he got it! It was as if on cue to walk to daddy and say his name. Bear just stood there and smiled and then asked...did he just say daddy? It was priceless.

I have started a little planning for the first birthday party. I really wasn't sure what to do. But since our crazy families dressed up for Parker's party I figured "why not". I'm creative enough to come up with as I was talking to one-of-my-ladies she mentioned she stuck her kids in the little plastic pool with their cake to smash and eat. Then I got to cute would he be in his little Hawaiian board shorts in that pool covered in frosting? WAY CUTE! So we are having a beach party in the middle of February! Considering it was -40F a beach party sounds pretty darn good. So crazy family-get your Hawaiian shirts out and flip flops-we are headed for warmer days!

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