Monday, January 26, 2009

climber & puppy

Emmitt is still in this carry-everything-in-my-mouth-phase. It started quite a few months ago and he is still at it. The part about it I am not loving so much is now that he is walking he has a lot further to fall and jab something down his throat with. So now it's still "Emmitt No-No" and "Emmitt not in your mouth" for his name.

I swear we comb this kids hair, but some days it still looks like this. That part in the back just won't go down. It really depends on when he had a bath and then went to bed...

His other new found freedom he has discovered is climbing! I hate it. I find him in some strange places. I don't want to yell at him to get down as part of my reaction, because I am afraid I'll scare him and he topple off of whatever he has gotten on to. We have found him on the toilet seat, the play kitchen, at the top of the stairs, attempting to climb the book shelf, the couch, the coffee table, the list goes on. I love how he actually thinks we are going to let him climb on the table and how he will find something he can stand on and use it to get up to where he wants to go. I am hoping I don't have the kid who we find on the fridge someday. I've heard of those.

Just chillin' on the sink.

Simply trying to get at the big boy toys that are put up high and out of his reach...or so we thought.

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