Monday, January 19, 2009

mr. stickem

mr. stickem can kiss my big butt! in case you are wondering what a stickem's a mouse trap. the inhumane trap that doesn't kill the mouse instantly, but sticks 'em to the trap until the die a slow and painful death while struggling. when Bear was gone last week I "reset" my own traps which meant, I went to Menards to buy the stickem traps because I didn't want to get my own finger caught in the snapper shut one. As we are in Menards, Parker decides to tell the man in the aisle, who is also buying mouse traps, that "we have a mouse and it poop all over our house." nice. so we thought we had caught all the little buggers when I go down to do more laundry last night and find poop in the laundry bins. so as I am picking up each piece of laundry with my fingertips, standing on my tip toes ready to run, I spot Parkers white long sleeved is missing part of the wrist cuff. how interesting. I unfold it a little further...more poop and more missing shirt. nice. The shirt had been worn while eating a brat, he had been dipping it in ketchup-the brat and the sleeve. So I took it off and through it down to be washed. Well a week later I get to it and the mice apparently are too stupid (or smart) to come back upstairs and eat the food in my kitchen, they decide to chew holes in my kids clothing! nice. so last night, while Bear is fishing, I stick big glops of peanut butter on the 3 remaining stickem traps and put them on the CD rack by the window-well, one under the basin sink, and one behind the laundry bins. I shut the door and went upstairs. This morning I have Bear go look to see if we caught any. He comes up and says, "I can only find one trap". nice. So I go down, on my tip toes again, and look in the exact spot I had set them out...I can only find one trap. hmmm. so I come running upstairs in a panic and ask "are they just stuck to the trap hobbling around my house or have they stuck themselves part way to the trap and gone and died somewhere?" he replies "probably". nice. so we go down together to investigate and I show Bear exactly where I put the traps and then I spot a trap clear across the mouse is attached to it though, and part of the peanut butter is missing. nice. Bear finds the other trap with the same result. So we either have gigantic mice that are big enough to eat the peanut butter right off the trap without touching it or crappy stickem traps. or both. this is why Bear doesn't like that kind of trap. If he had just told me that they don't work, I wouldn't have wasted my money, but he used the inhumane crap on me that I just wasn't buying into. They are mice, I don't care how they die just as long as they die and are not in my house anymore!
is that mean?


Davina & JP said...

Ok, so this is also a little inhumane, but it's a mouse. My dad has always put a bucket of water with a string attached across the top, you put the peanut butter on the string towards the middle so it has to reach for it. Have a board leading the mouse up the bucket and normally when it reaches for the peanut butter it will fall in the bucket and drown. He's done this at the shack for years. Best of luck!

Casey said...

I have an Aunt who does the same thing in her summer cabin. That way when the mice die if you don't get to them right away they don't smell either. I think she puts a pop can on the string in the middle with the PB on that.

Good Luck!