Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ummm...the cracker

picture Parker hopping around like a frog in just his underwear...Bear and I sitting in the living room watching him play.

got the image in your mind?

"hop, hop, hop...I'm a frog. Watch me hop guys. Hop, hop, hop. (insert toot) Who did that?"

Bear and I look at eachother, shake our heads slightly and answer..."you did".

"oh...hop, hop, hop...I'm a frog. Hop, hop (insert toot) uh-oh somethings coming out"

Bear and I look at eachother again and ask "where is it coming out?"

"ummm here (grabbing at his underwear by his legs) hop, hop, hop"

Bear and I exchange glances with eyebrows raised

"hop, hop (insert toot) uh-oh somethings coming out more"

Bear and I ask again "where is it coming out?"

"ummm outta the cracker"

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