Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My only sister-in-law

I only have one sister-in-law...Casey...and I love her like another sister. Well that sister is turning 30 on Friday! Tonight the family is coming over for dinner cooked by yours truly. I know she has already left work for the day (she drives from Loman to Bemidji so she won't see this post until tomorrow. But I am totally rubbing in the fact that she is 5 months older than me to the day. Which is totally frightening for whatever reason-that I will be 30 in 5 months! YIKES. I am not really sure what the big deal is about turning 30, but society has me believing that part of me is going to shrivel up into an old lady.
Anyways, I wrapped up 30 little gifts for her. I tried really hard not to get trinkity shit that she doesn't need. She has to open them in order, starting with the card...which when she opens it will sing the "We are Family...I got all my sisters with me" song to her. Finishing it off with the 30 gift which is a bottle of her favorite wine. In between 1-30 are some things like: dark chocolate, a woodwick candle, a nice pen, fancy post-its, a new coffee travel mug, a coffee gift stuff she'll use.
So, I want to know...what did you do on your 30th Birthday?

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Casey said...

Thanks for the great party! I had a blast!!! Just wait until your big day:) I am already planning!!!

Love ya sista,