Monday, November 2, 2009

Captain Hook, Peter Pan and the Crocodile

Captain Hook, Peter Pan and the Crocodile. Oh Halloween, how I love this holiday so. I actually looked at Bear that night and said "what should we do next year?" he responded with wide eyes and a "seriously?" raised eyebrow. I got him when I said they would be on sale right now! But I am going to have to think on it for awhile. I have a 4th Birthday to plan.
Parker was cousin Peter's Peter Pan costume this year. Pete wore it when he was four. Last year, Parker was cousin Derek's lion costume. So far these costumes aren't costing me anything.
He had a blast trick-or-treating. He loved running up to the doors and knocking. He was thoroughly disappointed when the people weren't home.Emmitt was of course the Crocodile who took Captain Hook's hand and is forever trying to finish him (her) off. I was a little surprised at how many people had forgotten the whole Pan story and didn't put our little get ups together.
He didn't love the idea of being in his costume right at first, but over the week leading up to Halloween the kid had it on daily.When I, Captain Hook painted on my styling mustache and goatee Emmitt got totally freaked out of me and wouldn't come near me. He just kept questioning momma? Finally he put the two together and warmed up to the idea. Bear was initially supposed to be Hook and I, Wendy. But a miscommunication on my part-who thought he was staying at the shack-I took his costume and quit looking for a big blue dress for Wendy. So here I am as Hook.
The night of Halloween turned out to not be too cold. The kids survived the 3 block walk. We did have the stroller part of the way and Auntie Tammy AND Daddy came along this year. Each year we have gone out trick-or-treating with Regan and the kids. Each year they get easier.
When it was time to start heading home the kids enjoyed walking in the wet leaves and stomping in the puddles. They each got to have a treat when they got home and hand out candy to the big kids who came around later. They loved handing out the candy more than being out themselves. Go figure...

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