Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend with Friends

This weekend was spent with friends. We had Jillian and Brooks stay the whole weekend with us. It was 2 sleepover nights! The kids all got along great, no meltdowns or tantrums. Four kids and no meltdowns? You could never have predicted that one. But they truly played with each other non stop. It wasn't just the big kids playing together and the babies playing together, it was all of them switching it up.
Friday night I went to Power of the Purse charity event and got 2 babysitters. The kids were great for the sitters and were all excited to have 2 of them and order pizza. Saturday morning we were up early. Auntie Tammy called and (bless her heart) offered to help me get the kids, the strollers, the snacks, the diapers in the car and head up to Voyageurs National Park for a hike. It took us a full 30 minutes to pull out of the driveway. The 2 double strollers were by far the most difficult part. I can't believe I'm going to say this...but Thank God for Regan's minivan!
The kids all had a great time getting out of the stroller and stretching their legs on the trail. We parked the van and headed up and down all the hills for the 4 mile walk. The kids rode in the strollers for that part of the hike. Boy was my butt burning from the hills, but Tammy and I both only had sore wrists from pushing the strollers!
They were excited to take a hike through the woods and find all sorts of things. We only had to remind them that they couldn't pick up or move things in "Grandma Audrey's Park". They were all excited when we came to this fallen tree on our path that we got to climb over.We had snacks along for the kids to enjoy while sitting on the little bench. Then back to hiking.The boys eating granola in the woods. I have a feeling these two will be in a deer stand eating granola 10 years from now.
Jillian was more than willing to help her little brother up the hill. I had referred to her as Sissy a few times and pretty soon she was calling herself that! It was so precious.
Regan and Derek (and the rest of the family for that matter) got their deer this weekend hunting. Of course they all got bucks! I was so happy to help out so that they could spend a weekend away together, kid free and enjoy the beautiful weekend hunting. I plan on taking Regan up on her offer to "repay me" in a couple of weekends when my whole family attends Grease the Musical in the cities!
These two kids are very special to our family. We all refer to ourselves as Auntie and Uncle. It doesn't matter if we aren't I've said before-you find family in many different ways.

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