Monday, November 30, 2009

Getting the Tree with no snow...

It was a bit odd tramping through the grass to cut down our Christmas tree. But I have to say it was much easier for the boys, especially Emmitt, to walk without the snow tripping them up. We headed out to Saunders tree farm Saturday morning.
We all took off to find our tree...we were all alone at the tree farm. In years past we have gone after work, in the dark, and with tons of snow and crabby kids. This year it was actually wonderful.
He is actually whistling O Christmas Tree to the wilderness.
If you can see how much the tree towers over us, you can probably guess that it didn't fit in the house without some major trimming.
Daddy and the boys cutting the tree down.The boys were in such awe that daddy just picked up the whole tree and drug it out of the woods. Parker thought we were going to leave it on the side of the road.Emmitt had given it up after awhile and just simply gave up on walking without assistance.He kept laying in the ditch and giggling when daddy would pick him up by his coat and help him to his feet. They made a game out of it.All done getting the tree and heading home to put it up and decorate it.

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