Sunday, November 15, 2009


Fall. My absolute favorite season. This Fall hasn't been the greatest for weather but after the cold summer we had, I'll take it. The boys have still been able to play outside and it's mid-November. Emmitt wasn't too crazy about the snow we got, but Parker could stay out and play for hours.
It's been a long couple of weeks around our house. Daddy has been out hunting since the opening weekend. Which leaves me and the boys home together 24-7. We've managed to make the most of our time together by doing different, fun projects. And, what would we do without all those new birthday toys? They came at the perfect time! Yesterday seemed to be an off day for us though. We woke up crabby. Emmitt refused to get dressed for church and kept taking his pajamas back out of the laundry and sitting by the lamp/wall. I asked Parker if he would be my big boy helper at church and be extra good since I would probably be holding Emmitt the whole time. He said yep! We finally get to church in our new sweaters and my two sprout horns and tails. Of course we chose to sit way up front (so they can see better) but that just made the walk back down the aisle all the much longer. I literally was hip holding Emmitt and football holding Parker under my arm as I carried him out of church. Emmitt was just busy. Parker was naughty. Coloring on the pew, kicking the pew in front of him, hanging his leg over the side of the pew taunting I'm not gonna fa-all. Over and over. At one point he blurts out I don't want a time out when we get home! So we left. I asked God for patience and it didn't come fast enough. We all trucked into the bathroom and I cried. Emmitt stared at me and Parker still sassed. It was awful! With a swat on the butt and a good talking too we managed to get Emmitt to the nursery and Parker to Sunday School. The boys were great afterwards. But the morning was just "off". After church I let them run around the trees and leaves. I managed to capture some happy and some not so happy moments. The sweaters are absolutely adorable. Once we were home, had something to eat and we all took naps together...I could hear something downstairs...guess who came home early? Daddy! Ahhhh, my whole day improved from that moment on. He even cooked us venison for dinner and did the dishes. The kids were excited to see him and I was thankful God delivered me some patience.

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