Monday, May 5, 2008

A New Sister

JoDell, Cyndi, Larissa, Casey, Becky and Steph

Denise, Casey, Janet-the mom's

The girls enjoying a great dinner at Thunderbird

This past weekend was my "sister-in-law to be's" bridal shower. It was a really great day! It was actually my first day away from Emmitt. We started out at the church decorating early and got everything ready. The shower itself was only a couple of hours and then to the personal shower and spa party for us girls. This was so fun and much needed by me! We did hand treatments, drank wine, had heated neck wraps, drank some more wine, did foot soaks, were treated to the "head tingler" by Cyndi :) and some more wine. We shared stories, looked at pictures and hung out all afternoon. That was the best part of the day and the most relaxing for may have been the wine though. Then we went out to the Thunderbird for a great supper. I totally fell off my diet but hey it was only one day! I went all out with BBQ ribs, wild rice, and their awesome toll house pie dessert! Casey and I shared that so it wasn't as guilty as it could have been, right?! I was in and out of my house all day, "checking in" but mainly to pump and then leave again. I was so impressed that my hubby did an all dayer by himself with both boys. He actually had them taking naps at the same time...which I can never seem to accomplish. I got home that night around 9 and had all intentions of pumping and then going to the Holiday Inn to visit more and couldn't muster up the energy...decided to crawl into bed without washing my face and I was out! That was until Emmitt woke up screaming and demanded the boob at 2 am!

A little about Casey-she is 5 months to the day older than me, she has a great laugh, she has fun at just about everything she does, she has the same beliefs as me, she enjoys card making/scrappin' just like me, she loves the outdoors just like me (except she does the farm thing-I DO NOT do farms), she is always positive, she sees the best in people, she is a beautiful person inside and out...all of these things and MORE make me so happy that she is going to be my sister! It has been 11 years of just me and Janet mixed in with all those Ole boys! Finally another girl to be our "ally" as Janet would say...oh did I mention she is Godmother to my precious Emmitt?? Thanks for the great weekend Case-Love ya like a Sista

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caseyjay79 said...

What an honor this is!!! I am so excited to be Emmitt's godmother and extremely happy to be joining such a wonderful family! Thanks for being an AWESOME "new sister" Becks!

love ya, case