Monday, May 5, 2008

Feeding Bebe Ella my Bottles

Okay-so you all remember bebe Ella right? This is the "girl" in my belly that Parker named bebe Ella. Well once Emmitt was born we had no trouble making the switch from bebe Ella to Emmitt. Parker understood the baby was a boy and it was his brother and his name was not Ella. So we named his dolly Ella. He randomly pokes at his Keepies-which are his nipples, but us girls grew up calling them Keepies, my niece Emma called them her Keepers-by the way if any of you can answer where that came from, please tell me...anyways he pokes at his Keepies and called them his bottles and tells me bebe Ella is hungry and needs to eat. I then watch him put her on him and nurse her! It was so sweet and innocent but also waaaay funny! A couple of weeks ago he put his stuffed animal on his bottles and nursed it...guess what animal that was? A cow no less!

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FamilyGus said...

I love it! I've never laughed so hard. Karlie did that too, only it was on her bras and she walked around the house like that (and I have never wandered around the house nursing). :)