Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One Month and Two Days Apart

Isn't it ironic that my friend Regan and I had both of our children exactly one month and two days apart? First Jillian arrived October 9th and then Parker November 11th. Then 2 years later Brooks arrived January 11th and then Emmitt February 13th. We got to be pregnant together both times (both of us hating every minute of it together). I think we'll both say we are done having kids so we don't mess up this perfect spacing.
Parker and Jillian get along for the most part...18 months old was tough (last summer) but then they got better through the winter. Now both are at a "not listening" stage so it's bound to get better from where we are now.

Parker Anthony and Jillian Grace
Monkey See Monkey Do

Emmitt Jon and Brooks William-just a small 4-5 pound difference.

Best of Friends

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