Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I go out walking

Another weekend spent in the woods. A different woods though. Galvin Line woods, not Loman woods...so this post is different. It was Papa Milo's 64th Birthday on Saturday and we went out to the cabin to celebrate. Papa handed out boots and walking sticks and we all ventured out into the wilderness for a family walk.
Emmitt was more of a stick collector but had a blast burning off all that extra energy.
We let Parker bring along his four-wheeler. Bear thought that enough time had passed since Parker deliberately ran over Emmitt and put him on the back until he realized he was moving and started FREAKING out. Grandma Peggy and Emmitt walked with all their sticks.
Oh...and we saw a moose track! I was secretly hoping we would see the moose-far off you know-but the track was huge! That would be Parker's foot that fit in the track.Emmitt was sure to give extra snuggles to Papa for his Birthday.Oh look-my kids have a mother! I am actually in a picture...Parker's four-wheeler battery died part way through the walk and then he said his legs gave out of energy and he ended up on my back.The Stick ManI get the cheesy smile from Emmitt now...We gave Papa an airplane ride fly-by over the cabin for his birthday-pictures will be taken by me. The best part is Auntie Casey is the pilot! We plan to go up next Tuesday (10.6.09) if the weather holds out...should be tons of fun!

We celebrated with a sloppy jo supper and cake with icecream...the kids tormented the dogs while we were there and then we left Milo, Peggy and Linda to their peace and quiet weekend at the cabin.

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