Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A First for my First

Okay...so first I need to say that the huge-normous backpack was NOT my idea. First off, I was told by many mom's to buy the regular size backpack because of the projects that come home and once our wonderful winter season approaches the back pack needs to be able to hold snow pants, hats, mittens, boots, etc...Well people-all that crap isn't going to fit in the tiny Lightning McQueen back pack he has. I will also have you know that the back pack contained 2 jugs of raisins and the kid could hardly stand upright.
Walking towards door number 10. Ready to go to school without a care in the world.
He wasn't really excited about going to school...but he wasn't scared or seem nervous either. He is a bit more like me in these situations. He's an extrovert and change doesn't really effect him much...unlike Daddy. He can handle himself well with large groups of kids, plays well with others, doesn't judge kids or single out who to play with...He said he walked right up to the "baby washing" station and asked the 2 little girls there if he could be the dad!
He found Mrs. Foug-a-nar's (Fougnar's) room and showed Daddy and Papa where all his stuff goes, dropped the raisins off with the teacher and then told us all he was going to the park! Which, I give him credit, sounded like a good idea to him. It is exactly what we did at registration and I am fairly certain that is what he thought school was all about.
Bear and I had discussed a few rules of preschool.
  1. ask politely if you "may" have a drink or go potty
  2. wipe your own butt
  3. don't come out of the bathroom to ask anybody if it's clean
  4. be nice to other kids
  5. when the teacher asks you a question-L I S T E N!!!
  6. Only go home with people you know
  7. Have fun
  8. Tell mommy and daddy all about your day when you get home.

This was another one of the big Firsts in Parker's life. Bear and I are just finding it hard to believe that he is old enough to go to any type of school, even if it is preschool. Then we started calculating and in 2 short years, this will be Emmitt going to preschool and Parker will be heading into Kindergarten! Now that brings tears to both our eyes...

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