Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Weekend in Pictures

Every post after a weekend is going to be "we were at the shack this weekend and this is what we did..." so I'll just put some pictures of our very fun weekend for you to see...
We went four-wheelin' all over. Down many trails, more than once to find birds. I said we were the Partridge Family...all crammed onto one wheeler. For now, with the boys at the size they are, we still fit.
When daddy stopped and got off the four wheeler the boys knew he would shoot his loud gun so they prepared by covering their ears. We saw 2 birds and didn't shoot either. Once they go into the woods you can't see them with all the leaves...
This is the scary bridge the guys put in the river so they can get to their deer stands. There are many trails back across the river that we went down, but Parker was a little hesitant to cross the bridge. I am always scared to cross it, but if we didn't we wouldn't see sights like these...
Thorn took Parker all weekend to remember what these little berries are called that the partridge like to eat. favorite leaf color...those Maples are already turning.
On the same road as the shack is Blake and Casey's farm house. Which means when we go for a visit Parker usually gets to go on some big piece of equipment.
This day it happened to be the "Poop Flinger" AKA Manure Spreader. But as you can see my name for it was more accurate. I was on the four wheeler a little too close when Blake said "you might wanna back up a bit"...I didn't quite realize how far the poop was going to fling.After all that poop flinging the boys needed a bath. We thought we would upgrade to a 5 gallon bucket...Parker still didn't fit, but Emmitt fit just perfectly!Violet spent some of the weekend with us too...she loves the kids and they love her.We went for Rhino rides on some trails too. Parker loves the Rhino and Auntie Casey is more than willing to drive him around.We randomly have to stop and open the gates to the electric fence around the farmland. Parker thought he would say "hi" to a cow in the distance! We got up close and personal with the cows at times. Bear would just say "the green tagged one is the bull" and my palms would start sweating...Emmitt loves to cradle on momma's lap while we ride. Both days he napped in the crook of my elbow.Loving the shack weekends-they are well worth the work of getting there and back.

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