Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In one week.

In one week, my baby, my firstborn little boy starts pre-school! We went to Kmart and picked out a backpack for him. I was told to get the regular size backpacks and not use the tiny little Lightning McQueen one he already has. He, apparently, will be bringing home huge projects. Once winter comes-the snow pants and boots need to fit in there too. So we come home and he is wearing it around the house and the backpack comes to his calves! I think if I put much weight in there he will tip right over.
Wednesday evening we go to the "meet the teacher night". I have a few things that I need to purchase for him to contribute to the classroom. Not the regular crayons and scissors I thought, things like: dixie cups, juice and kleenex!
Steph at daycare assured me that Emmitt will be just fine without Parker. She sees it happen more and more-that the younger sibling tends to "find himself" when the older one goes to school.
FYI-So...in one week, I will be posting some adorable pictures of the first day of school and a very depressing post about my kids growing up way too fast!

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