Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top 10 Reasons We All Need a 3 Year Old

Top 10 Reasons We All Need a 3 Year Old
10. When asked why did you pee in your pants he always answers with "cuz, I don't want to"
9. (on field trip day to Voyageurs National Park) They told us we couldn't touch or picking ANYTHING (angrily)
8. (same field trip discussing animal pelts) when asked if any of the kids' dads or moms hunt? Parker said "my dad shoots at big bucks but not the little ones just the bigs ones"
7. on our way to Auntie Tammy's park-he has to pee "too bad", so I tell him to go into Aunties house, he instead pees just off the driveway while I am getting Emmitt out of the car and says "hey mom, I peed right on Pastor Glenn's little tree over there"
6. (on picture day) We went upstairs into the dark and they had big umbrellas and a high chair
5. I didn't take it from him, Emmitt just dropped it and I picked it up.
4. Hey dad I'm the boss of you and you're the boss of me
3. Momma you have a big hiney (while trying to crawl through the tunnel at the park with me)
2. (When listening to grandma and Papa discuss if Papa got an answer) he says, "hey Papa, grandma DO answer you!"
1. The bus driver told me to sit on my pockets and I told her I didn't have any!

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