Tuesday, April 28, 2009

that was just mean...

My sweet 3 year old is officially a stinker. We knew he had it in him, but lately he has been just plain mean. Mainly to Emmitt. But mouthy to his parents. Sunday morning, before church of all things, Parker was outside on his four-wheeler. Emmitt crawled down the deck steps and stood there watching brother ride. Parker stops about 3 feet from Emmitt, looks at Bear-who says don't you dare, go around him or back up, he could see this look on Parker's face...so what does he do? He steps on the gas and completely runs Emmitt over. He kept stepping on the gas and can't go any farther because his under carriage is hung up on his brothers head! Bear actually has to pull the four-wheeler back and off of Emmitt who is gushing blood out of his lip. His tooth had gone partially through. You would think he would show some remorse but nothing. Bear is tending to Emmitt and Parker takes another spin around the yard. Bear was there to witness the whole thing, I was in the house getting ready for church. Bear rushes Emmitt in for me to clean up and goes to get Parker. Of course we are mad at Parker for deliberately running down his brother. How can he go from being so sweet with him to being so mean? Emmitt's lip will be just fine. One day he will probably do something intentionally mean to his brother and we might just sit back and let him. But what on earth has caused this nasty side of Parker? He is mean to Emmitt at daycare too, he has been talking back a lot more to us lately, getting more and more time outs and spankings...he knows how to push our buttons and we are certain he does it to get a rise out of us...which he does! Something needs to change soon or it is going to be a long summer...just when I thought it was going to be so great!?

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