Wednesday, April 8, 2009

spring? where are you?

My cute hubby in a mad bomber hat. Parker asked to play outside last weekend and wanted all of us to go out. So we bundled up and went out for a walk on the snow. We may be rushing spring or summer for that matter a little, but enough already...spring, where are you?
We managed to dig out as many summer toys as possible. The sand shovel, the four-wheeler and here is Emmitt just chillin in the cozy coop car. The car which is now in our house! They fight over it and refuse to take turns, they are both too big to fit in it together, although they try every.single.time to shove the other brother over and scooch in next to him. Parker gives Emmitt a ride in it, until Emmitt's foot gets stuck on the wheel and drags him under the car, which then he starts screaming as his big brother runs him over with the car and leaves track marks on his back.
We put Emmitt in these ridiculous Robeez boots that Parker had (and wore once or twice). He just can't walk in real boots, so these did the trick. He still had a hard time with walking on the snow or his depth perception is way off. He was high stepping across the snow banks and then would go down in slow motion. Smiled the whole time though.
Yes that is my kid sitting on top of our 8 foot high fence post. Mind you, his back is facing one of the busiest roads in town!
Yes, his father did it. And then proceeded to tell him to jump down...into his arms of course.
Daddy caught him...of course. And he enjoyed it!
Parker is actually sliding down a snowbank minus a sled. He realized; after he saw me wipe out and slide down the hill on my snow pants, that he didn't need a sled to go down the hill. Up and down, up and down the hill. He had a blast.

Then he decided to whip out the four-wheeler and go for a ride. We told him it won't work in the snow, only in the tiny patch of grass available. But he tried anyway and enjoyed spinning his tires. He eventually got it over to the patch of grass and just went forward and reverse back and forth in about a 4 foot area.
We all did pretty good walking on the snow. Emmitt was the phantom of the family. He could have done cart wheels out there and we would not have known that he had been there. He left no dent in the snow what so ever. Parker made a little mark with his heels. I sank slightly and Bear a little more. Bear and I were joking about how far each of us sank down...once in awhile we would sink to our hips and require help getting back out!

Can't you just hear him...come on buddy, over this way. come on Emmitt, come get me on the snow. He would wait for Emmitt to get upright again before taking off towards the play house.

The phantom snow walker in action. This was Parker's first snowsuit. I managed to get 2 years of wear out of it with Parker and I may be able to pull 2 for Emmitt too. Gotta love the orange!
The big mound of snow in the background is actually the pond and waterfall that the kids are forbidden to go anywhere near. I think we scare them enough that they make a huge loop around it when they walk back there. This summer will either be really hard to keep Emmitt away from it or really easy, but the temporary fence may need to go up for a year. Parker did really well last year with it. But with the lack of pond fish now it just seems boring to him.
Well we thought we could walk off the deck onto the snow. I was laughing and teasing about how I could walk off and Bear just sunk. I took one more big step and down I went and in the process whacked my leg on the kiddie picnic table I was standing on. So much for thinking I could walk on it all. The more we laughed the further we sank! Parker actually sank and then slid under the deck in a gap and had to be yanked out!
After all the fun outside we went in to watch a movie and have a snack. Where they basically just through puff corn crumbs all over my coffee table and called it a day!

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