Friday, August 7, 2009

scrappin' the weekend away...

Well I am heading south in about an hour...Pequot Lakes here I come. We are headed to the ICU (Intensive Crop Unit) for our annual, well I guess it's our bi-annual, scrapping weekend. There are 11 girls heading down. We get caught up on our friendships and scrapbooking. We loaded a truck with a topper right to the top last night and that was just 4 of us! I've learned over the years to pack it all in a rolling suitcase (or 2)...but my hubby was quick to point out that I still can't lift it in the back of the vehicle unassisted! "That crap is heavy" I heard him grunt as he shoved it in my car...oh well. I plan to have a great time this weekend with the girls. We come home Sunday evening.
I did get a surgery time for Monday-they want me to the hospital at 9:15 to get registered and time itself is about 30 minutes. My mom and sister are driving me down and hanging out with me. It's outpatient, so I'll be home about the time all of you are getting off of work. Bear is staying with the boys and keeping them on their schedules as best he can. He isn't too busy to take me, we know now, but I wasn't going to wait until the last minute to find somebody to drive me to surgery...and then Tams and Mom volunteered and I figured I will get more sympathy from them than from Bear...he seconded that!
I'll post more through the twitter account at the top right of the page...I can do that from my phone while laying down...such a baby aren't I?

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