Friday, August 21, 2009

Boys Playing

I was feeling good enough this week to get out back with the boys and take some updated pictures. Emmitt has just turned 18 months! He is growing taller by the day. It takes some time away from the kids to see the subtle changes...after being gone a couple of days, I definitely noticed the growth spurt.
Parker has been a big help to me. He is really willing to get something for me if I need him to. He plays nicely by himself sometimes too, if I need him to. The weather hasn't been that great lately so the inside playing changes his mood daily. Some days he is content to play nicely with toys or coloring or stickers but other times, there is nothing that is going to hold his attention and he walks around complaining.
Sniffing some daisy flowers...momma's favorite.
He is such a big boy. I am lucky I can even get him to turn towards me to take a picture of his face. And this is about the best smile I'm gonna get.
Both boys are infatuated with riding on the lawn tractor. Bear can hardly drive with any speed holding onto both boys and steering the massive thing! It's cute to see them cover their ears when they are on it but grinning the whole time. It is inevitable, when they are forced to get off, that we will see the tears.
The boys are starting to fight a bit more when playing together. Every 5 minutes Parker is running up to me saying but mom, I had it first and Emmitt just take it away from me and that's not nice...I think what Parker isn't realizing is that Emmitt is finally starting to fight back!

The looks I usually get from both boys...

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