Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let's go Twins!

The Twins played the Angels...and lost. But we had a great weekend with family.
My boy Parker in my boy Mauer's numbers.
Birthday Boys-Bear the 29th and Tim the 23rd
Tams and Scott enjoying the game.Derek and Nick actually enjoying something they both like!
Mom and Dave chillin' at the game. My husband ordered the Chicago Dog "loaded". He paid $7 for this thing and couldn't finish it! We were quite a sight to see walking through the crowd. Him carrying this monster and a glass of beer, me carrying a glass of beer and 2 dome dogs in one hand and Parker's hand in the other. People were pausing and staring more at the loaded dog than the Griswold's at the game.That would be number 7 my boy is showing you. Mauer who I don't think ever got a base hit and didn't catch during the game.Shelby showing you a smiley with her pretzel.Hyped up on Swedish Fish, a snow cone, cotton candy, chips, dome dog, a whole bottle of Sprite and peanuts! You get the picture right?
When asked what his favorite part of the game was? His answer: the WAVE! The wave went on for 20 minutes and momentum built each time it came to our section. This kid was giddy with excitement and sugar, did I mention the sugar?

That would be Tammy and her 33 for her boy Morneau! Who she will not let me forget-hit the only homerun. Even though the Twins lost we cheered like they were winning the Series.
Shelby and Parker enjoyed the hotel pool at 8 am. We parted ways with Shelby at the hotel this morning and tonight during bedtime prayers, Parker says "...and I miss Shelby". 7 Weeks with his cousin is something he won't soon forget.
We always make it part of our trip to call a food order into Applebees ToGo and take the food to the Cloquet park to stretch our legs. We have been stopping at this perfect midway point since we had Parker. He was able to stretch his legs as we sat at a picnic table and ate our food like baboons-since Applebees forgot the little silverware/napkin packets. We managed and were thankful there were no other patrons around to watch us.
We loaded up the car and finished up at the park. Parker had to be a tiger on the big hill back to the car and then started rolling down it. We buckled up, put a movie in the car and headed home to get Emmitt.

Emmitt stayed with the Cann family this weekend. We dropped him off on our way out of town and picked him up tonight. He had a blast with their two boys and they assured us that he was a great kid! He even sat quietly through church for them! They truly said "anytime" we need them to watch the boys they would...they keep trying to get us to use our baby gift from them...a gift certificate to the Thunderbird...I think we may just need to do that.

The whole day we were gone we kept saying, "thank God we don't have Emmitt". The game, the hotel, meals, the long car trip in just 2 days would have put us all over the edge had he been with! Thank God for great people, great family, a safe trip and a memorable weekend...

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