Friday, August 14, 2009

on the road to good health...

Well I am glad the worst is probably over with. This whole tonsillectomy really sucks! I am a true believer of things happen for a reason. First Bear didn't think he could drive me, so my sister and mom stepped up to take me down to Duluth. Then Bear thought he could, but I said I would stick with the girls. Then while I am in surgery, Bear is at home barfing his guts out with the flu! I mean, can you imagine him being 160 miles away from home sick at the hospital waiting for me to come out of surgery??? I know! Then, since he is home sick, I have strict orders to not go near big crowds or people with the flu...I cannot even fathom the idea of throwing up on these sore tonsils-or what used to be tonsils. So I stay at my mom's house. Her hubby is out of town for the 2 days, so it's just her and I. Who better than to take care of you while you are sick than your momma? I know! So she gets me up to par as best as I'm going to be and gets me delivered home to Bear who is feeling a bit better after 3 days. I have great daycare who kept my boys overnight at a sleepover and a sister who kept them another night. I have spare bedrooms and a cool basement to quarantine myself to and a freezer full of Popsicles. It all just turned out the best that it could. It definitely is sore to swallow, but I think each day is getting better. I had to quit the pain meds...yuck, for one. And two, they make me dizzy, give me a headache, make me nauseous and soooo tired. So I am only taking ibuprofen for the pain, but am handling it well.
The doctor said it was time to have those tonsils out. He came out to tell my family that I was out of surgery and that I actually had bacteria granules harboring in my tonsils! Ick! They were just in there waiting to get me sick again. I am hoping that after this is all over with, that I am not sick all winter. Another (funny) thing the doctor said was about the adenoid. I had told my mom and sister that if he wants to take that out too once he is in there to tell him to "go ahead". Well they asked about the adenoid when visiting with him and he replied with "she doesn't have one"...Well where did it go? Apparently once you become an adult your adenoid just disappears and your body absorbs it. You only have one when you are little! They were dumbfounded and a bit giggly after that! That story brought a smile to my face immediately.
The weather has been so hot that it is easy to put the boys in their swimsuits after daycare and let them play outside. So it's safe to say that I am on the road to good health. I have been able to eat some eggs, jello, lots of water and juice, Popsicles....I tried the Girl Scout Thin Mint blizzard last night and that didn't go so well...the dairy products don't go down so easy. So the whole "eat lots of ice cream" doesn't really apply to me.
Thanks to all of the "get well" wishes! I appreciate to go take a nap!

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