Friday, March 27, 2009

more arena time...

Well this weekend is the big ice show! More arena time to be spent. We have been attending all the practices, rehearsals, doing the routine in our living kid does not move his feet once he is on the ice. The poor teacher has to skate hunched over holding onto his armpits and do the routine with him. Part of me is wishing I had just paid the $50 to have him not participate in the ice show. But we have the costume (rolled cuffed blue jeans and a white t-shirt), I am working the ticket booth for endless hours, so by God he is going to participate.
Apparently last nights Grand Finale practice was also a dress rehearsal. I was the ONLY one who didn't get that memo. So I left my kid in his jacket and brown khakis to stand out a little more. I think just about everybody else has been through this whole skating thing before, but there is little organization for us newbies. Whatever...he will just have to be the last kid on the ice that everybody thinks is so cute because he hardly skates. The frustrating part is that he can skate. We actually accomplished what we set out to do this winter. Teach our kid how to skate. I thought after the surgery he would be able to hear a bit more through the hat and helmet he is wearing, but apparently missing a month of skating didn't help either.

He is supposed to use one knee to stand up, but he is short enough to put both hands on the ice and stand up. At dress rehearsal last night, I had his mittens off, and he wouldn't get up off the ice because he didn't want to touch it with bare hands. Part of the routine is to fall down on purpose and show that you know how to get up. So even though he can get up on his own he won't even do that. Skating through the cones The teacher lets the kids play with a kite ball. They throw it and skate to go get it. He doesn't realize that he actually has a good arm and throws it far but that he has to then go retrieve it to do it again!

We shall see how this weekend goes for him. The first show is Saturday night at 7 pm, the second show is Sunday at 1. Right during naptime...that should be interesting!

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Davina & JP said...

This makes me miss teaching:(