Monday, March 16, 2009

blog neglect

sorry about the blog neglect.
  • my computer has a virus and I can't access any of my files.
  • the virus attacked my anti-virus program
  • my kids are sick and coughing
  • Emmitt's on an antibiotic for a wheezy cough
  • Emmitt has had fluid on both ears for one month...are we going down the same road?
  • Parker will not sleep or stay in his bed (again)
  • last night he slept on his "nest" on the floor and actually made it through the night, but now we have created a whole new problem??
  • I have another sinus infection


  • I had a really great weekend with my family
  • we played games
  • the kids played well (until they got over tired)
  • they were wonderful in the car-you know we went all the way to Ray this time
  • they are starting to eat better
  • Parker and I went to a movie, he fell asleep, but was well behaved
  • Parker said the organ at church and the movie were loud :)

Once my computer is all better and I get some sleep, I'll post again...

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