Monday, March 23, 2009

hockey weekend

We had our fill of hockey this weekend...daddy played in the Old Timers Tourney AKA Kerry Park Tournament. I go to the games, but end up visiting with the girls, chasing kids, taking bathroom breaks that I have no idea who won, which team we are or if daddy scored a goal.
Parker was the perfect age to hang out at the arena. He is a rink rat for sure! He loved it. Kept shouting "go daddy, go!" through the glass...and sure enough, daddy scored a goal. Him and a little friend (whose daddy was on the other team) kept saying "don't let Havyn's daddy win" and "don't let Parker's daddy win".
Emmitt on the other hand...not so perfect age. Climbing up the steps, the bleaches, going down the ramp and making me crazy. Did not want to be held. Was over due for a nap and fell asleep in my arms when we waited for daddy and Parker to evolve out of the shower/locker room.
He did however fit into the adorable Bronco Ole sweater that was Parker's. He really liked to climb and shout through the bars of the "time out box".

Totally enthralled at daddy on the other side of the glass.
I think I could have let Parker go and he would have come to me if need be. I really think he would run around the rink and find somebody to play with and be just fine. I let him go into the women's bathroom by himself, since Emmitt just likes to crawl on the floor between stalls, and thought it had taken Parker a little too long to come out. I went in and he was pushing on the stall door to get out saying "I'm stuck in here momma", when all he had to do was pull!
Lost all function of his hands with his way too small mittens on, but figured out a way to drink a juice box. He would walk up to the glass and just start slurping away.

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