Sunday, March 8, 2009

all the way to Loman

It is my MIL's 66th Birthday on March we celebrated this weekend. Blake and Casey hosted out at their house in Loman with supper, drinks and a ginormous cake. After nap time we took the kids out, we let them watch a movie in the car the whole 25 miles. No idea what we did prior to portable DVD players. But it gives us (Bear and I) a chance to talk in a fairly quiet environment. Emmitt fell asleep on the way out so as soon as I turned off the highway I set the cruise to 25 mph and we took our time heading to the house. Parker was unfazed by the decrease in speed so we got to talk even more. The area has been logged lately and it always gives Bear a chance to "give me a lesson" in the worldly ways he knows all about that I am completely oblivious to. I actually enjoy the lesson and always seem to come up with some stupid question that makes his eyebrows go up in astonishment. Sadly, it takes a reason to drive all the way out to Loman for supper.
Uncle Bart came up for the weekend...
The drool machine doing what he does best...drooling and climbing.
And of course Grandma's triple layer German Chocolate cake! To top it off, Auntie Casey let Parker make homemade ice cream. When I asked Parker what he should say to Grandma? He started in singing. Happy Birthday to You! In a key much higher (and nasally) than the rest of us. It was funny when we finished because we all tried to stay up in the key, but failed and found a key all on our own. Very interesting!
Parker saying "ahhhh" to just about anybody who asks. He will tell you right away that he had his tonsils out. They are doing very well too. The scabs are going away almost completely. He is talking more and more every day. He is hearing lots of things that we know he didn't hear before, mainly because he is commenting on hearing them. He is startled more easily by loud noises. His appetite is coming back gradually, but mostly he isn't gagging up food when he takes a big bite. The boys developed a nasty cough and diarrhea over the weekend though, oh and the runny snotty nose too! :)
I think he assumes since he is "at the Farm" and in the country he can throw all manners out the window, including using the bathroom. Notice how he didn't go down to the bottom step by proceeding to pee off the top one, right in the middle and on the rest of the steps!

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Could you have taken a worse picture?????