Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the grand finale

Oh this kid. Everyone is saying he gets his personality from me. Which in many ways he is just.like.me. The ice show went off without a hitch...well maybe just a few. He needed help from "teacher Megan" to stay with the pack. He can actually skate, just a little too slow to finish the routine by the time the song finished. Saturday night the show didn't start until 7 pm and I had to sell tickets, so I brought Parker with to help me. He would hand the ticket to the people and say "enjoy the show". He was all dressed in his costume with shoes on. We waited for daddy to get Emmitt settled with cousin Derek and then come put skates on. I didn't realize that I wasn't going to be able to leave the ticket booth until intermission so I would actually miss his performance. I found a volunteer to watch the money so I could run down and video tape the routine. While we are in the booth waiting for daddy, Parker says (loudly) I have to go pee-pee! Many times. I kept saying couple more minutes, daddy is coming. Nope he couldn't wait! As I am literally handing change to people with 20 more in line to by tickets, my kid pees in his costume pants all over the chair and floor and I can't leave the frickin' booth! I am sure the patrons buying their tickets while I am frantically calling my husband to dig the darkest pair of jeans out of the dirty clothes for Parker to wear thought I was nutso. But we eventually got him re-dressed and on the ice in time. I managed to catch the show and video tape it, laughing my butt off the whole time.

This picture is just prior to him remembering that he had his sunglasses hanging on his shirt, stopping on the ice, putting them on, and waving to everybody in the audience! They cracked up laughing. The glasses were huge Dollar Store decoration glasses that covered his whole face. Megan comes off the ice with him and tells Bear that Parker said the lights were so bright in my eyes, I had to put my glasses on!

Getting his "hockey" medal after the show.

A little chilly out on the ice when you have half your clothes on. So my kid decides to stick his hands up his shirt to keep them warm.

And of course the Grand Finale where my kid once again pinches his crotch because he has to pee! This time I go running on the ice and take him outside to pee on Bronco Arena because frankly...we have no more clean pants with us!

In a little better mood now that he has bubbles and a medal. He had fallen asleep after his Sunday afternoon performance and I woke him up to skate in that grand finale. He was not happy about that. Once he was out there, he bit into the bubble guitar he got and starting spitting on the ice.

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