Sunday, March 1, 2009

finding things to do

It has been difficult at times to find enough things for Parker to do while being on the down low. For the most part he is content to play with Emmitt. But we need to find things for him to play when he is sick of Emmitt and needing a distraction. He is definitely not sleeping well at night or at nap times. Add that to not eating and we have ourselves an easily cranky 3 year old.
Play-dough is always a win-win. This was something that we could distract him with after having his ear drops put in.
Saturday morning we headed out to visit Grandma Audrey. We surprised her and she dropped everything she was doing to play with me and the boys. She built a fort and we tried to get Emmitt in it but instead he crawled on top of it. Didn't matter though, he had fun doing it.
Dave had saved some of Paul's old Lincoln Logs and Parker plays with them every time he is out for a visit. We had to upgrade to the big table though...Emmitt tries to eat the little pieces.

Grandma's loft is a great place to play peek-a-boo

But no matter what we do for the day...the days are long. He gets very tired, very fast. I am not sure why he isn't sleeping very well. At times it is like he is scared, which he may very well be. It was a traumatic experience. But he can wake up totally uncontrollable. Kicking daddy to get out of our bed because he wants to sleep there. Screaming in the middle of the night, but not saying what he wants. Other times, I think he is just crabby from being tired and hungry. If we can get him to sit still for a Disney movie that is pretty good. I don't mind right now, because we need him to just rest for awhile at times...and we need a break at times. It was so nice to get out to grandma's and not be staring at the same four walls of our house. Tomorrow we are going to try daycare and see how he responds.
If any of you out there need a great kid friendly hand held portable dvd player get the Fischer Price one. It's pricey but way worth it. You can actually drop it down a flight of stairs and it won't break. It comes in handy when we aren't in the mood to watch Brother Bear for the millionth time on the big TV.
Unfortunately after a day of playing, he usually looks pale and tired...

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