Monday, January 21, 2008


so I had an appointment last Wednesday-just the weekly checkup. Nothing much has changed...but at least we are moving in the right direction. In case you don't want to read things like cervix just skip this post.
So my cervix was at 4 cm thick the week before and on the ultrasound. Now it was down to just 2cm! I am dilated to 1 cm-only 9 more to go! If only they were all that easy and "painless". Dr said whenever the bebe decides to arrive is just fine. I am his next patient due so now we just wait.
I would like to think I had a little nesting phase last night but I am afraid it was just my normal crazy personality taking over. Parker and I were out of town Saturday for a hockey tournament-which was a blast! And when we got home yesterday I did 3 loads of laundry, put pictures into albums, put pictures into my scrapbook called "to scrap someday when I have time album", rearranged the 2 guest bedrooms and put the crap that piles up in them away, and then took a bath and couldn't walk for the rest of the night! I started one simple project and this is what it turned in to. What I originally intended to do was laundry and get everything off of our hardwood floor so it could get replaced today. And that is what it turned in to!
The hardwood floor guy is "hoping" to rip up and replace all of the floor in one day. Now I think he is ambitious!! The hardwood floor story goes back to April...we had it installed and it was wonderful! Then August came and our fridge died for the 100th time in 6 years so we bought a new one and when the store delivered it, they broke the water line hookup and it flooded our new floor! Well we put a claim in to the insurance and then had to wait to see how bad the floor got. Well it got bad so we finally took the claim and got the check to fix it...then the floor guy went to buy the replacement pieces and the make/model is discontinued! So now we get a whole new floor, again! So for the last 2 weeks my fridge has been in the dining room/living room. Bear thinks it's nice since it's so close to the couch! Anyways, I hope today when I get home from work it is all finished and I can get back to being lazy and staying warm...

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FamilyGus said...

Congrats on the 1cm!!! I wanted to be the first to ask you the number one question a pregnant chica gets around this time of pregnancy...haven't you had that baby yet??? I doubt I'm the first though. If I had a $1 for everytime I was asked this I'd be rich! Keep track for me. :)