Friday, January 4, 2008

35 and 35

35 weeks preggers and 35 days to go....

look they are still there! barely but I can see them. I got a gift certificate for a pedi for Christmas from my awesome brother-in-law and am going to use it soon, since I cannot reach my feet to comfortably paint my own damn toenails. Pathetic!

I have heard that there are pressure points in our ankles that are connected to the uterus...when if massaged can help stimulate uterine contractions. I am going to ask my doctor about this at my next appointment (Jan 10th) and see what he says. I may tip my pedicurist extra if she massages my feet and sends me into labor!

These days I am feeling totally enormous. I have heard "you've dropped" multiple times a day for the last week. Or "you've really popped"! Well that's what 9 months of pregnancy does to you! My hips are in so much pain that I can hardly walk normal. If I sit too long and then attempt to get up and walk, I break into the full pregnant waddle. It takes a few minutes to walk out the kinks and to be able to successfully stand up straight! I tried cross country skiing one day (thinking I am superwoman nothing will stop me) and could hardly ski, let alone shuffle my feet the next day-which I tried to pass off as walking! Other things I will not miss once this baby gets here is the heartburn and of course the constant peeing! The last ultrasound the tech pointed out that the bebe was head down, showed me the cervix, the bebe's head and then my bladder! No wonder, there is nothing between the two! Except pressure.

There is however, good to this whole experience. I love the movements the bebe has. That is my favorite part by far. Unless they hurt! This bebe is either way more active than Parker was or I am paying attention more this time around...which you would think with the first pregnancy you pay attention more and this time around I am waaaaay busier with daily life. I also love how Parker kisses and talks to bebe "Ella". He'll put his little hand on my belly and say "wake up" to it so he can see it move. He is so convinced he is getting a sister and has taken to naming her Ella that if you try to tell him otherwise he gets a little defensive! He came up with this name at daycare, we cannot figure out where it came from-there are no cartoon characters named Ella. My sister thinks an angel told him it was a girl and that he is trying to tell us that! It is going to be so fun to see him interact with the real bebe.

We keep playing the name game, obviously Ella has grown on us. He could have picked Dora, Spongebob or Wiggles for a name! We have a few people who have given us ideas. Nothing is set in stone, we really need help with boy middle names!

The list is still made up of: Emmitt, Liam, Audrey Ella, Audrey Jean, Audrey Piper (my new fav), Isabelle/Isabella (could be shortened to Ella)...which neither of us really like the name shortening thing. Name the baby what you are going to call it! Which my mother reminded me by calling me my given name Rebecca. I looked back at Parker's baby book and the name list for him was: Olivia Audrey, Lane William, Parker Anthony, Lillian Jean (Lily). Barrett was the one who actually named him. He had Parker picked out from years ago. From time to time people call Parker-Carter mostly and randomly Tucker and Hunter! Who knows why...

Tammy and Derek came up with these: Tammy's-Bennett and Carter. Derek's List-Sergio, Raphael, Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna (all one name!), Sandra, Hope, Gabriel, Angel, Scarlett, and Rose.

So leave a comment on what names you suggest.

Also, if you haven't made your guess yet on expectnet do so soon, I will be locking the game on the 15th of January.


FamilyGus said...

I totally agree with the name your baby what you want to call them. I like Liam & Audrey Jean & Audrey Piper. How about Michael for a middle???

beanski said...

I like Audrey or Liam. And Ella is cute too especially if Parker likes it! :) They all grow in to their names anyways so it doesn't really matter!

Davina said...

I think Ella is just adorable! I also like Lillian though, but it could be a boy and the name Carter is super cute, but I also like Emmitt.