Thursday, January 24, 2008

latest update

I went to my weekly check up yesterday. everything is normal and moving in the right direction! A little change has taken place so we'll wait and see what next week brings.

We are getting a little more anxious these days with the waiting. I am getting the question...are you still pregnant? a lot. Bear and I were worried about Parker's reaction when this baby really arrives in our house. We were visiting baby Brooks this week and Parker was just in awe of him. Then says "I hold it?". So we had him sit on the couch and put the Boppy around him and he cradled that little baby so sweetly. Kissed his head, touched his hair. It was so innocent. Then it was Jillian's turn to hold the baby and Parker freaked out. All out tantrum that he had him first! So we'll hope he shares his baby a little better, especially with mommy and daddy.

I did some online shopping this week, after I failed to find what I wanted at Target last weekend. My big splurges were:
  • The hooter hider which is a totally cool and spendy little piece of fabric that you use when nursing in "public". I'll never forget the trip to Bemidji dress shopping for Davina's wedding when I had to nurse Parker in the bathroom at Applebee's!
  • The body support for the baby's car seat. Just a little extra protection and padding to keep this baby warm-since it's -45 below zero half the time up here!
  • I already had the bundle me from when Parker was born. It got us through the whole winter nice and warm.
  • And last but not least-my mother in law has decided to purchase our double stroller from Phil and Ted's. This was totally on my wish list aka "I'll never buy something this expensive on my own" list. She decided since she bought Parker the crib, she needed to buy this baby something "big" meaning expensive. I tried telling her that the crib goes to this baby too and we needed nothing. But after hearing me talk about how I have no idea how I am going to walk/run this summer with 2 kids she decided to splurge. I can't wait to try it out! And for those of you who know me so know the color I picked was bright orange!

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beanski said...

Give up the details on what the changes are??? I NEED to know. Not want to. NEED to.

Holy crapola...I have the Phil & Ted's in red. I LOVE it. I keep it on the down-low because as you know it costed a freaking fortune!!! I wanted something that was convertible to a double if I ever have another kid and haven't regretted the splurge one day since. It's small and light enough to take to the mall but still good for walks in our bumpy neighborhood. I had to buy a toddler BundleMe for her though because the sides aren't that comfie to rest her little head on. She refused to nap in it until I got the extra cushion. Enough stroller dorking out now.

Have a good day...think happy baby thoughts, think happy baby thoughts...