Thursday, January 10, 2008

36 weeks and 2-6 more to go

Well, I am officially 9 months pregnant. Barrett and I went to my appointment yesterday. Just a routine check up. Same old thing. Pee in a cup (what do they need all that for anyway??), took some vials of blood, measured my huge belly, listened to the heart rate (138-149) and asked if we had any questions. My iron level came back "fine" this time. Still not in the normal range, but I have never assumed I was normal in any way before...last time my iron level was 9.7, this time it was 11.4 and normal is 11.7-15. Measuring right on as far as the belly goes. Next week he'll check me to see if I am dilating any more or if my cervix has started thinning out. Apparently the last ultrasound showed 4 cm of cervix still-which is A LOT of cervix that needs to get out of the way.
Yesterday, since I had my doctors appointment I decided to take the whole day off from work and pamper myself (and run errands). I started off by slacking in my morning routine and taking Parker to daycare late. Went to the doctor, then Bear and I went out for breakfast-which felt really good to just go somewhere together. Just the two of us, have an adult conversation, and not have to cut up anybody else's food. Funny how breakfast can make you feel like you are on an actual date-which I admit, we have slacked in the "taking time for each other department". Then I had a facial and got my eyebrows waxed (that part is never fun but needs to be done). My pedicure has to wait until next week or the week after-I don't want to have my nails painted and then it all be washed off by the time labor rolls around. A girl has got to have skinny, shaped eyebrows and hot pink toenails when she is in labor. After my facial I ran all my errands, which involved wiping out on Main Street-meaning sliding into the splits and landing on all fours with my 9 month ass sticking up in the air! I am fine and I pray nobody saw me go down. I secretly have a very bad habit of laughing at people when they wipe out (once I know they are okay). Especially when they scramble to get up and look to see if there were any witnesses. I however, was far from scrambling, it was Bambi (pregnant Bambi) trying not to fall down again. Anyways, after running errands I had my hair highlighted and cut. Then off to the chiropractor. Which felt soooo good. He fixed my hips! Temporarily, I already know, but they do feel better. And how cool was it to lay face down on my belly for 20 minutes! Awesome little contraption that table was! Then 4:15 rolled around and back to reality. One of the errands was to pick up supplies for homemade spaghetti. Which means prego sauce doctored up with fresh mushrooms, Italian sausage and a Zantac. Accompanied by deli garlic bread and salad. Yum!

Cute thing that Parker did when I got home was say "mommy pretty" and rub my hair! How sweet is that? I asked Bear if he told him to say that. Which he then admitted that all he said was "mama's hot". Now how sweet is that? My wonderful hubby still thinks I am hot? After 10 years and 30 pounds?!
Here is the latest belly evolution picture and a few from my home photo shoots.

And a picture of Parker-because he is so cute. My little GQ man.

And a messy one, well because boys are messy. His nice white turtleneck is covered in chocolate milk and cheetos residue. The bleach pen is a wonderful invention!


beanski said...

You're cute!!! Just think, I had Renee at 36 weeks - I hope your bags are packed! hehe. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself with the fall and that you are getting a hip pain break.

I'm just DYING to know boy or girl! :) I should go comment on the name post now.

anne.bjerken said...

Ok, I have to admit that I laughed out loud at the thought of you wiping out 9 months pregnant. Glad you are ok...