Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Day at the Beach

In my hopes to stay up later so I can sleep better...I thought I would post again.

25-1# bags of rice=$30
1 flat tote with lid=$12
buckets, shovels, etc=$7
1 used shower curtain=free, but originally like $2
hearing your child say "ooooh, fun" 100 times in 2 hours=priceless!

My friend Carrie made one of these for her daughter and we visited them last March...we never played in her rice box but on my way home from Forest Lake I decided to stop by a Target and pick up the supplies. I put it together for Parker and he played in it around 18 months of age. Then I got sick of picking up rice so I put it under his bed until tonight. At the original time he was too young to understand-"don't throw the rice out of the box"...which is partly my fault since I gave him this cool toy to play with. So tonight I rearranged his bedroom and he saw the rice box. So why not...I let him play in it. He played for 2 hours with rice! I cleaned his room, did laundry, organized baby clothes, remade the crib bedding (I think I am trying to trick my body into thinking I'm nesting!) and Parker just kept playing and saying "ooooh, fun Momma". I would hide random sand toys-like a crab, seashell, and a golf ball and he would hunt for them with his "bovel". Occassionally the rice would fly out of the box, but that's what the shower curtain is for. I have used that old nasty shower curtain for more play-dough. So here are a few pictures of the fun...
oooh this is fun!

I found my golf ball!

and the not so fun of "it's bathtime Parker, we need to put the rice away"

more tantrum...

the saga continues...check back with me next week to see if he is done crying


beanski said...

HAHA, that just made my day. I love his face gets redder and redder. Such a good idea...I'll have to try it with Charlie.

I just know that baby is going to come any second :)

FamilyGus said...

I'll have to try this too. Looks like fun. Karlie's meltdown today was because she got a wad of sand in her eye at school & then everything there after was like the earth was ending. It looked something like Parker, only the girl way of throwing our head back & howling. Fun, fun, funs of parenting! :)