Saturday, November 6, 2010

The invite and what the cake will be

Parker picked to have an Alligator cake this year. I basically gave up on telling him what kind of birthday party to have and let him choose. This year at least. He looked through our Hello Cupcake book and picked the Old Swampy Alligator. For as much as he loves puppies I thought for sure I was going to be making dogs this year. This is also the book that I got the Owl idea from for Emmitt's Look Whooooo's Two party.
Here is what the cake/cupcakes are to look like...we'll see how well I do. I will in fact be making 3 sets of these gators, so by the end of the week I should have mastered the pull and flip piping technique! I am still on the hunt for Newman's Own Alphabet square cookies, but it looks like I would either need to make a trip to Duluth or the Metro area to buy them. If anybody is coming from that way, give me a call! I think I can substitute chocolate covered graham crackers. Should be fun! Is he really going to be FIVE?!!


dmalbanese said...

I'm assuming you want the cookies for Parkers party, and I'm not going to be home until thanksgiving. They are available here, but only at Whole Foods, which we only have 2 in the metro area. Could you order them online in time? Well, hope all is well. We'll be home Tues.-Fri. for Thanksgiving, can we get together?

dmalbanese said...

OMG, I just realized your having the party tonight, duh! Well give Parker a big hug from us, not that he probably remembers us:) Have a great day!