Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

First Dorothy ventured off on the Yellow Brick Road in search of the great and powerful Oz. On her journey to Emerald City she came across a Scarecrow. They decided to hook up and venture off together. She needed a home, he needed a brain.Along the way they try to steal some apples off some very creepy talking trees and come upon a Tinman who had rusted in the rain while chopping down a tree. The Tinman joined them on the journey to Emerald City in search of a heart.Next the fearless trio come across a Cowardly Lion. The Lion is in need of some courage and they all head down the Yellow Brick Road.
They were off to see the Wizard...
...The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!That is actually the story that Parker's tells...with a little help on wording from momma.


Casey said...

You make a very wonderful Oz Family! I love the pictures:)

Aloha Chewy said...

Cutest family EVER!