Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Littlefork Fair-2010

We attended the Littlefork Fair over Labor Day weekend. Kind of sad that I am just now getting around to posting them but it seems to be the story of my life.
We decided after having the boys spend the night at the Riley's while we went to Robbie Dahl's wedding that the next day we would spend it together as a family. Instead of laying around the house feeling sorry for ourselves after a night out we decided some form of punishment was due. That meant loading up the camper and returning it for the winter to the farm in Loman and attending the fair. As soon as we got there Bear got us corn dogs and french fries...perfect! Grease. Just what we needed.
Emmitt and Parker both wanted to ride these overpriced horses. $5 for each kid. We told them we would save it until the end. One horse was ornery and did not want to be ridden so of course the lady sticks my 2 year old on that one. The horse no sooner, spins in a circle, tries to bust out of the harness and bucks Emmitt up in the air. The little guy hangs on for dear life and never did let go. He was screaming and crying of course, but I managed to talk him into the nice gentle pink horse. Without much hesitation he got "back in the saddle".
We topped off our lunch with shared root beer floats and chocolate malts. The kids enjoyed walking around the exhibits and checking out all the different goodies to see.
The rides were perfect for this age of children. The kids were big enough to go on them all. We would hand them their tickets and they would find the spot where they wanted to sit, get buckled and go around and around. Again and again.
Emmitt the horse. Mommy the pig.
Parker the horse. Daddy the pig.
The boys even got to be part of the goat feeding session. One goat kept trying to escape and eventually she made it to the other side of the fence. I was the lucky one who got to wrangle her back around to the owner.
Well worth the trip to Littlefork.

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