Friday, September 10, 2010

just a normal trip to the dentist

Well 6 months had passed since the boys and I had been to the dentist. Back in February Emmitt was just over 2 and begged for his turn in the dental chair as he sat back and watched Parker go through the gauntlet of having his teeth cleaned, flossed, fluoride treatment, scrubbed, rinsed, etc... my turn, my turn, my turn he kept saying. Then it really was his turn and there was no way he was even going to let Dr. Herzig look in his mouth. He put his little hands right over his tightly closed lips, shook his head no and and murmured no. Finally, after much convincing, Dr. Herzig was allowed to simply count Emmitt's teeth. 20. It cost me $10 to find out information I already knew. So this trip around I thought I would outsmart the 2 1/2 year old. I was going to have him go first. Nope. Parker go now, I wait. I wait. Fine. Parker went in and did perfectly. He really is willing to try things all on his own. He just walked back with the assistant and let her do everything to his teeth she wanted and never batted an eye. I wasn't even near him. I was out in the lobby with Emmitt, playing legos. Well the assistant came out to get Emmitt, it was finally his turn. I had read to him the Trip to the Dentist book already and explained what was going to take place. He agrees to go back to the room. He isn't so sure he wants to sit in the chair. Last time that was the best part. Weird. We convince him to sit in the chair and go for a ride. As I am lifting him into the chair I smell the reason in his pants of why the kid doesn't want to sit in anything. But for some reason Emmitt gets up in the chair and lays back. I explain to the assistant that my kid has crap in his drawers and just obliged to have his teeth cleaned! She asks if we need to take a break?. No, I exclaim! We may never get him back in the chair, so if she is okay with the stench that she could just proceed. Emmitt laid back in the chair and let this woman do whatever she wanted to his teeth. Cleaned, flossed, fluoride treatment, everything. It took about 30 minutes. In poopy pants. Then Dr. Herzig came in and bragged up Parker for being so good. Showed me the new 6 year molar he has in his mouth (at 4 1/2). Parker bragged that he can tie his own shoes and that he had heard that he should be able to brush his own teeth too. Dr. Herzig said he could brush by himself in the morning but that mommy or daddy get to do them at night. Then he checked Emmitt over. We never did tell him about the poop. And he didn't say anything either. Both the Dr. and the assistant said that Emmitt was the youngest ever patient to have a full checkup done. I laughed a lot as I told this story, I bet he was the first patient to sit in crap while having a check up too!
Just a normal trip to the dentist is one of the reasons I blog...

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