Saturday, September 11, 2010

first day of school part 2

First day of School-2010
Papa Milo picks up Parker in the old bumpy van. He is way too early, but wants to make sure he gets there in time. Parker therefore doesn't finish his lunch and they are too early to enter the classroom so he and Papa drive around town and visit.
And of course pose for pictures. That's the real reason he was early! I have trained him well. Bring your camera so momma is satisfied because she cannot be there to drop him off.
Parker's new locker. He found it right away on the Open House night. He recognized the Aubrey next to him was a good friend.
Parker and cousin Garret. Enjoyed playing together and seeing each other in the same classroom.
Parker found another buddy from last school year. Kaeden and he posed at the top of the stairs for a picture. Parker thinks it's pretty cool that his room is upstairs this year and the reason must be because he is a big boy!
The eventful bus ride home post to come tomorrow...I'm still recovering!

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