Monday, September 13, 2010

the bus ride home was my favorite part

When anybody asks Parker what his favorite part of school is, the answer will inevitably the bus ride home. Of course it is. I really don't know why because his mom and dad lectured him forever on bus behavior and of course the rules of crossing the street when you get off!
He listened to none of what we said. Well the first day he didn't.
Parker was the second kid off the bus, the first to have to cross in front of the bus and the other lane of traffic. He didn't walk way out in front of the bus, make eye contact with the driver, wait for the driver to wave him across...nooooooooooo. He just ran down the steps, darted in front of the bus and across the other lane of traffic WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING!

You think you teach them well and that they are in fact listening some of the time. Bear was actually standing in front of me with the video camera and we have yet to actually see if we got this whole fiasco on footage. I was not even looking through the eye of my camera by this point, I was lowering it, shouting at my kid and screeching at my husband like a crazy woman.

When Parker made it safely across the street we tried talking to him about how to exit the bus and cross the street but his response was just too perfect. I was just so excited to see you guys. And there was no way he was going to listen to our reasoning right now.For the time being we enjoyed our surprise visit from daddy, they raced home as Emmitt and mommy resumed our slow follow the crack in the road walk home. That night at supper we practiced and taught Parker how to cross the bus. The next day was much better. I was actually across the street waiting for him and we were waving him across the street saying come on Parker...and his eyes were glued on the bus driver until he gave the signal to cross. It was almost too long of a wait! Day by day he has figured it out. I was worried about him being the kid who falls asleep on the bus, but he is so wired when he gets off I am not thinking it will actually happen.

Back into routine today...the weekend off was great. He did manage to nap both days. School pictures are today, that's always interesting!

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